Quality Denim Motorcycle Chaps

All our Denim Motorcycle Chaps
are Proudly Hand Made in USA
Zone Tailed Denim Motorcycle Chaps are proudly hand made in the USA!

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Zone Tailed Denim - Shield Wipes keep you seeing clearlyShield Wipes

See more clearly on the road with Shield Wipes!  Cleans bugs, dirt, and grime from face-shields, windshields and goggles.

Zone Tailed Denim - Denim Motorcycle Chaps - White Denim

Zone Tailed Denim - Denim Motorcycle Chaps - Heart Embellishments Zone Tailed Denim - Blue Denim Motorcycle Chaps

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Our Hot Weather Denim Chaps Will Keep You Riding Cool!

Zone Tailed Denim - Denim Motorcycle Chaps - Hand Made in USAZone Tailed Denim - Denim Motorcycle Chaps - Made in USAQuality Design & Stylish Comfort

If you like to ride on hot summer days then our Hot Weather Denim Motorcycle Chaps are a must have! 

When the Leather Season ends...
the Denim Season begins!

Zone-Tailed Denim produces unique, high-quality Denim Motorcycle Chaps. We also offer an easy size exchange policy, and money back satisfaction guarantee.

The Best Denim Chaps You'll Ever Own!

Keeps You Cool When It's Warm Outside

Keeps You Warm When It's Cool Outside

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